The Žigon Willamette spread is distinguished by the rich taste obtained from the finest raspberries, providing you with a refreshing and pleasant enjoyment. A hidden recipe nurses a specially selected package and lid. Glass jars show velvety structure, and the lid selfishly keeps the irresistible charm of Willamette. Providing a gentle and rich taste, Willamette spread is significantly better than jam, because it is less cooked and contains a small amount of sugar, so all nutritive fruit values are retained. Raspberry grains remain in the spread, and a little thin texture allows it wider use. You can use the Žigon Willamette spread for delicious breakfasts, sweet snacks or preparation of recipes and easy charm everyone around you. And naturally, always leave a spoon full of charm for yourself.

350 g

The Žigon Willamette raspberry spread is characterized by a rich sweet-sour taste of domestic raspberry, providing you with a refreshing and pleasant enjoyment. As the spread is less cooked and contains a small amount of sugar, all the nutritive values of raspberries are retained and it is a great substitute in winter days instead of fresh raspberries. If you are a fan of healthy and home-made products, this hand-made spread is the right choice for you. It is a great source of vitamins C, B, E and K. And if something sweet comes to your mind, this low calorie spread will satisfy your need!

By combining two seductive flavors, raspberries and fine black chocolate, we have given you the irresistible experience of creamy chocolate flavor and soft structure of Vilamet. If you want to give a healthy sweets to you and your children, this spread is the right choice for you. In addition to irresistible taste, this spread is rich in antioxidants, it is excellent for improving circulation, reducing blood pressure and cholesterol.

A full taste of true raspberry was enriched with a discreet note of vanilla. By adding the most pure spices from Vanilla orchids, we have provided a sophisticated and delicate taste to your palate. This queen of spices, as an addition to our spread, contributes not only to the exceptional taste, but also with the vitamins. It contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, iron and zinc. Enjoy the magic of this spread, in which vanilla allows you to relieve stress and tension.

Exotic cinnamon in Žigon Willamette raspberry spread brings in everybody’s home splendid smells. As cinnamon is a secret ingredient in all famous sweets, we want to make you and your kitchen the queen of charming specialties with this taste. In this rich spread, besides vitamins C, B, E and K that raspberries  contain, there are calcium, manganese and iron that cinnamon contains. As it is known that cinnamon stimulates the brain, at the very opening of our jar, you will be seduced by smell that improves cognitive abilities!

40 g


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