We have continued the long tradition of growing the best quality of raspberry variety, since the early 1970s. Our raspberry, variety Willamette, we grow at 1,100 m above sea level in the village Visoka - Arilje district, which is best known for growing raspberries. Every year, on the wind rose, we have grown outstanding quality of Willamette, over the past 48 years. Over time, we have started a family business, not just raspberry cultivation, but also the production of domestic products from it. By keeping the traditional recipe, which is passed from generation to generation, we made high quality spreads, exclusively from raspberries we grow ourselves. In our products you will not find flavorings, additives or other chemical supplements. 

Visoka is village in Serbia in the municipality of Arilje in Zlatibor district. It is located 37 km from Arilje, at the highest altitude in the municipality. The highest peaks reach an altitude of over 1,350 m.

Visoka is the most southern area of ​​the Arilje municipality. The hamlets, including the center of the village and part around the school, are located high above the Big Rzav, which is reached by steep roads and trails. One of these roads leads to villages of Zlatibor.  Others, in the same way, go to the Visoka’s spa, whose sources are 80,000 years old. A warm source of mineral water flows from depth to several places in the form of bubbles. The water is healing and people here come to be treated. The organization and use of spa water for treatment begins in 1936. Today, people predominantly deal with various branches of agriculture, and Visoka has all the conditions for the development of rural tourism - beautiful nature, spa, high hills, especially Okruglica, Big Rzav, healthy food


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